Thursday, August 18, 2011

My morning started with a cup of coffee as I perused among the garden; Looking at all the flowers as well as the vegetables that were coming along. This Hummingbird moth I saw enjoying my butterfly bush. They are amazing creatures. They bend and sway just as a hummingbird does. And they are as pretty as a hummingbird. Impressive for a bug; wouldn't you say? If I don't see a hummingbird but see one of these it makes my day.

Black and Blue Salvia is well enjoyed by the hummingbirds.

With this red Salvia doing just as well.

Hummingbirds don't bother the Sussian Sage, but the honey bees do a good job with it.

I love my flowers. I find them cheering me up and astounding me with their beauty each and every time  I see them. And am constantly am reminded of just how beautiful God must be.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Been awhile

I have been without a doubt neglecting this blog; keeping busy rather on things outdoors, indoors, and into many projects. I apologize for the extreme neglect on my part. But there is always so much I have going on and it's hard for me to ever have time to sit down and write. It's definitely therapeutic. But It can become another thing I would like to do, but at the same time presses me for more of my time. So as it stands now, it here is merely the end of summer, kids are already getting their school supplies, getting ready to go back to school. The garden's shaping up very nicely this year. A few problems here and there. But thats to be expected. And the tomato season just started a little than a week ago.

The harvest now is going to be great, at least from what I can tell. I made my very first Zucchini bread last week and it turned out great. I am looking forward to making more. And also looking forward to trying my hand at some spaghetti sauce, with a few peppers and fresh basil. I think that would be good to. The Basil's are getting to be almost 4 feet tall and the dill has already seeded and fell. Things all in all are going really well. And I can't wait to see some cucumbers, I planted them extremely late and I have been missing them!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Just a peek

Here is a few peaks into our roadtrip, Candice and I had a great time! But like any trip it went by so fast!!!!

First stop: Chipotle!

I had to rip my camera out of it's case fast to get this one.

Excited about our driving progress!

                                                               Second Stop: Dinner!

                                                   Ooooooo Yum, I know you want some!


                                                            First nights stay: comfy!

Breakfast anyone? Really the coffee and the belgium waffles were the most exciting!

                        Our first hike, to the falls. It was all steps!!!! felt like I was  climbing a 10 story building!
                        It was so very worth it though!

My rain garb!!! It was  three times bigger then it needed to be, but at least I was dry!

Here is us trying to take a self portrait, easier said than done!
I have plenty more to show you but already the day is flying by, more to come soon!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's the Little Things

My Husbands surprise to me on my arrival home
So As it was I was on my way home from my road trip a trek to Tennessee and Kentucky, when upon returning I realized my husband had cleaned the house, done the dishes, and as if that were not enough he had made me the above brownie with a heart in the center. Now guy's, to those of you who think that baking is not masculine, and that some how you might alter your ultra ego- Let me tell you, this is gonna get you some major brownie points. And I mean that literally. But again as if that weren't enough he also had Flowers waiting with the brownies! So for the record, that Stefan is simply the best husband a girl could imagine up- And he is MINE!!!! So all you chickies will have to look elsewhere! But don't worry, you will find your Mr. Right!!!

But really, I have no idea how I snagged such a find. Everyday he amazes me more and more. And as much I love adventure, I really missed him. By saturday only a mere day into my trip I missed his companionship. And what is so funny, he is not just super sweet guy who is an awesome husband. He is an awesome best friend. And like magic to my ears when I finally made it home, I told him all about my trip when he said " We are going to have to go back to Tennessee very very soon!" That statement was a sweet song to my ears!!! I love that man!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Road Trip

So far so good. My plan is on going on a road-trip this weekend. No plan, no schedule. My sister in-law Candice and I will be trekking out on our own; in an adventure that we can't quite put logistical reason to. But with a brand new lime green SUV, and a trunk full of outdoorsy stuff - we are going to hit the ground running( Or should I say tires?) in a direction down south. We don't know just how far south we are going to go. But we both imagine it to be a different and adventurous trip. There is no doubt that I am going to miss my warm bed, and my warm husband; but in an effort to unleash my more adventurous side I am going to embrace it with open arms. At least until friday hits and I more than likely will let out a little sob over leaving my man behind! But my hope is I can regroup and get back to having a safe and enjoyable time.

On the list we would like to find some Mountain climbing, camping ( the ol' camp tent way), hiking, fishing, and if there is room on a rainy day some girlie girl stuff(most likely a shop or two). But having no idea how the outlook is on the weather, the weekend may go entirely different then we expect! Are not most road trips that way?

But as I cover some of the plans for the weekend I realize I need to get back to more important things. Not that blogging is unimportant. Just that making dinner ranks high on the need to do list. Hope you understand ;) And then there is a mountain ( Not the kind I want to climb) of laundry that desperately needs washed if I plan on going anywhere this weekend.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Thinking roses

Valentines Day Roses
So here it is Friday! I am only a few lingering days away from starting my garden seeds! Last year I started them to early, so this year I am doing better! Speaking of roses, I just ordered my first David Austin Handbook of roses for the year. I have three of their roses already; and I can't wait to smell their luscious scents this summer. Snow is blanketing our backyard right now, but it is going to melt; and spring is going to spring forth at any moment.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Experimenting can be a little scary at times. Today I experimented with some very large cookies. I have been thinking of maybe offering a larger version of cookie at market. These Hugo's are only slightly smaller than my hand. I have been dreaming of baking and making things that might remind one of a upscale coffee and or bakery. The best part of big cookies is that they are easier to handle and are a perfect size for an after dinner dessert (unless you're dieting!).  I daydream sometimes of having a small bakery/coffee shop. I love being around people and would love making someone's day better by simple ways, through good food and a genuine smile. If only I could start growing my own coffee, how amazing and wonderful that be! I don't know anything about coffee plants. But in my house we absolutely love our coffee in the mornings. Most the time I can't help but ask myself why I have all these dreams. At times I feel I own to many. Amongst them is a farm(including raw produce, fresh eggs, grass fed beef), a bakery, then there is the dream of having kids. How I would love to bring up my kids in the open space of a farm. I would totally get into sewing them beautiful, colorful, feminine dresses (having that said if they were all girls. But also when they were out playing have a steady closet full of play clothes (boys can fit this area well). And more than anything I would want the eviroment they grew up in to feel safe; a protected sort of place. I would love to give my kids strong shoulders that are ready for real work and a understanding and compassionate heart. What I want for them is what I always wanted. To love others that are not family, like family. And to help encourage and give others hope. One that goes beyond this life. A hope that cannot simply be stolen away by a wave of tragedy or doubt. I am sure these dreams are to some to much, not that I am saying all these dreams of mine need to be filled. But what I truly want more than anything else is to be who I am everywhere I am at. I am becoming more comfortable with that, day by day I reclaim everything that this world and it's system has stolen. And I am finding true beauty is what you see most in a storm. Something that is more and more obvious to me here lately; is that as much as I think that I am at a stand still. I am doing things that I have never done before. For example "Lynn's," it is a pretty good example of a lot of my desires in a nut shell. I started it in my mind years and years ago. Talking about it, and setting it to the side many times. But finally it's here. It took real effort on my part. And I know how much it is important to not let a business pull at my heartstrings, but this embodies so much of who I am; and what I dream of.  Plan's are still being made in the future. So many things I feel insecure about. The not knowing... That can really get old. But plans are there. So as we tackle the forever big task of fixing up our home. When it's finished we can focus on what really matters, a new home and with that the real dream; owning a farm! But for now, as I wait patiently for every thing to fall into place, I am going to continue my farming here; urban style!!! And everyday I am going to thank the Lord who cares deeply for me and for the blessing to get this thing started. I love you Jesus.